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Home exchange holiday

Homeexchange as a holiday form started in 1953 by David Ostroff and HomeLink.


The idea of homeexchange are very logic as you stay in my house and I stay in your house.
There is no money between the to parties that exchange, so you can realy enjoy a holiday.

You have your partners house all for you self, so you have more space, more comfort and everything are there to have a joyful home exchange for you and your familiy.
It is not like a holiday house or flat where there is nothing in the kitchen and you might have to bring or buy some things.

You have contact direct with the families you will homeexchange with. There is no other involved in the exchange agreement then you and your homeexchange partner.

When on homeexchange you can also agree to exchange your car, if you wish to do so.
You will probably also be able to use bicycles, toy or whatever are in the exchange house, so you can enjoy your holiday.

HomeLink have been here since 1953 and we have today offices in 20+ countries and you can find all these home exchange offices on homelink.org.

If you want to see the possibilities, then you should do a search and see how many possibilities you have for your home exchange holiday.

You are able to have your homeexchange holiday in all the continents and you can even try this for 30 days with out paying anything.

In HomeLink you only pay a one year fee and you can do as many home exchanges you want.
HomeLink do not use any kind of points or similar things, when you do a home exchange.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of HomeLinks 20 offices around the world or call our office in Denmark +45 39 61 04 05.

Since 1953 we have many families that get to know each other become real friends after there exchange holiday.



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